Ayerikes Villa

2,395 € per Week through to September 30th

The “Ayerikes” Villa’s name stems from an old local myth. The folklore suggests that men or older boys who walked by the river at night, would be mysteriously abducted by a group of women – never to be seen again. Disappearing like the wind! “Ayerikes” is loosely translated as “Wind Women”. This villa is located about 100 meters…

355,00 From / per night
  • Bed 7
  • People 10

Ayerikes Villa – Upper Floor Only

1,395 € per Week through to September 30th

The upper level has two distinct areas, accessed from the main entrance. One side has the full kitchen, dining & living room areas and access to the very large patio. Two sofa-beds are available in the living room. The other leads to the common bathroom, laundry room and the Master Bedroom with en-suite…

210,00 From / per night
  • Bed 4
  • People 6

Ayerikes Villa – Lower Floor Only

1,095 € per Week through to September 30th

The lower level, which is accessible either from the upper level main entrance, or from a side stairway entrance, can be rented separately. It contains a good sized bedroom with en-suite, small but full kitchen, a living room (with sofa bed) and dining area, as well as its own patio. While there is no laundry…

160,00 From / per night
  • Bed 3
  • People 4

Lumi Villa

2,195 € per Week through to September 30th

The “Lumi” Villa also traces its name back to ancient times. Dating back thousands of years, when Evia was significantly populated by peoples who had come from what is now Albania, the word for river was “Lumi”. Many residents of Zarka and the area still understand the old dialects. The “Lumi” Villa is the smallest of the three villas…

325,00 From / per night
  • Bed 6
  • People 8

The Old House Villa

2,875 € per Week through to September 30th

The “Old House” Villa derived its name from the fact that it was partially built from and on the remnants of a traditional old stone house. Located closer to the main entrance to our site, it was originally built as my cousin’s residence and was always referred to as the “Old House”; and in his memory, we have retained this name…

435,00 From / per night
  • Bed 9
  • People 10
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