Poll for interest in attending Martial Arts and/or Breathwork events

In cooperation with Ancient Fire in Vancouver, Canada we’re hoping to offer periodic training camps/seminars here at Zarka Villas in Zarakes, Evia, Greece. This poll was created to gather information on interest locally in and around Zarakes, Europe, North America and elsewhere for attendance in the Martial Arts and/or Breathwork events here at Zarka Villas.

For those interested I encourage you to view the Ancient Fire website at https://ancientfire.ca. Direct link to Breathwork: https://ancientfire.ca/breathwork/. An additional resource regarding Breathwork is The International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) – https://ibfbreathwork.org.


Purpose of Poll

Primarily we are trying to determine how many may be interested in attending these events and how many may need accommodation. Your participation in completing this 4 question poll will be greatly appreciated.

Ancient Fire


Martial Arts Interest Poll
Would you be interested in attending Martial Arts Seminars/Classes at Zarka Villas?
If interested in the Martial Arts do you have any previous training or experience?
Would you be interested in attending Breathwork Ceremonies at Zarka Villas?
If you are interested in attending classes or events please let us know your general location so we can plan the events and packages to best accomodate where attendees may be coming from.
I Live

Thank you for participating.